West Australian Business Brokers can provide quick and affordable business valuation reports for any Australian business. All our valuation reports are produced on a fixed price basis and are often many thousands of dollars less than other valuation providers. Don’t take our word for it, compare other business valuation experts with WABB and decide yourself. With over thirty years experience and over $350 million worth of valuations completed, there are very few business valuers with the knowledge and experience as Lee Goldstein the CEO of West Australian Business Brokers. Complete the form below for a business valuation quote.


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Business Valuation is not an exact science. Several valuation methods and guidelines exist for each type of business valuation. Application of these must be tempered by professional judgement and experience. The  process quite often involves comparing several different approaches. The valuer then selects the best method, based on  knowledge and experience. To be accurate, comprehensive business valuations should take into account all aspects of the company’s business. These aspects will include factors which may be difficult to value and that do not show up on financial statements.

Any single valuation approach may be used. Professional practices, Real Estate Agents, and Medical and Veterinary Practices may utilise a different approach. Family Court Valuations sometimes also necessitate the use of another approach. What is most appropriately used now in valuing  is  the Income Approach, which generally doesn't distinguish between goodwill value and asset value. Its primary focus is with regard to the return available from the business. One thing is paramount in Business Valuation, and that is that the valuer has the experience and qualifications to provide a valuation that is accepted for both merger and acquisition or litigation purposes.