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Choosing a reputable business broker will  help you confidently navigate the complexities of buying a business. Browse our selection of businesses for sale or register to be informed of the latest business opportunities. Please remember that not every seller wishes their business to be advertised.


When you come to sell a business is often a once in a lifetime event. This can be both daunting and emotional. You need one of Perth Business Brokers most experienced brokers. At West Australian Business Brokers we work very closely with you to ensure you receive everything that your business is worth.



Business Valuation and Valuing a Business is not an exact science. The process involves comparing several different approaches and selecting the best method, based on the valuers knowledge and experience. As business valuation experts, we act as  expert witness in Judicial matters.

Since 1993

Who We Are

If you are looking for Perth Business Brokers, West Australian Business Brokers are one of Perth's leading Business Brokers. Our knowledge and experience in the Perth market gives us a very unique insight into the marketing of your business. Our ability to adapt to ever changing economic environments has helped us emerge as a leading force in sales.  West Australian Business Brokers are leaders in preparing the right information to assist in the marketing process. Our experience, marketing skills and proven techniques, gained over 30 years,  assists our clients to achieve a premium price for their precious asset. There are companies "bigger" and "louder" than us, however very few can match the  combination of expertise, education and experience that we offer to each and every client. When you appoint West Australian Business Brokers to facilitate the sale of your business, we provide the professional guidance to assist you in overcoming an uncertain economy, unbridled competition and sophisticated buyers.


Buying a Business?

Buying a business is the start of a new, exciting journey. At West Australian Business Brokers, we are here to help you start your new adventure, using more than 30 years’ experience to secure you the right business, at the right price.

A flexible, supportive approach

Perhaps you’ve bought a business before and know what you’re after. If so, browse the businesses for sale here on our site, but don’t forget to register to obtain full information on the current businesses we’re marketing.

If you’re new to buying a business or would simply like some support and guidance to find the exact business for you, contact us today to make an appointment – we’re ready and waiting to start your new business journey with you.

Established, proven expertise

When it comes to ensuring you buy the right business for you, knowledge is power. That’s why, when you are looking to buy a business with West Australian Business Brokers, you can rest assured that we’ll be the first to let you know when a new, suitable business comes to the market.

Should you need it, we can also offer you information on profit margins and how to read a set of trading accounts, as well as all-important guidance on how to finance a business for sale.

Complementary, one-to-one consultations

If you choose to buy with us, we believe in giving you the very best service. After all, you are making a life changing commitment, and that requires a little bit of sound support.

We’ll talk you through the ins and outs of the business for sale you’re thinking of buying, giving advice on the company’s current financials and what profits you might expect to make. This way, you’ve got honest, upfront information to help you make that all-important decision.


Selling a Business?

Selling any business can be a daunting task, but even more so when you’ve worked hard to build your own. That’s why finding the right business broker is so important; you need to trust that you are working with people who have your best interests at heart.

That’s exactly what you’ll find at West Australian Business Brokers. Our clients’ interests are at the forefront of everything we do, and we’re pleased to have built a reputation based on our passion for what we do, implicit trustworthiness and recommendations, over the last 30 years. Selling your business can be a time of mixed emotions, but we’ll be with you every step of the way. We will never ask for payment in advance, not only do we have the necessary expertise to correctly value your business, we also have the resources to professionally market that business and obtain the best possible price in the market.

No advance payments

We don’t believe in asking for payment in advance, so we simply won’t do it. We often find that those who do are more interested in obtaining your signature than finding you a buyer, leaving their clients underwhelmed by the lack of advertising and efforts put in to selling their business.

Confidential, discreet support

Selling your business calls for discretion balanced with commerciality. We don’t give out details of your business to a potential buyer unless they are registered with us. Only then will they receive the full particulars of sale on your business. Our drive, passion and attention to detail in selling your business means we’ll only introduce it to people who are the very best fit.

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