Freehold Motel Wanted

I have a client that has recently sold his business and is looking to purchase a freehold motel.

Finace is not an issue and he is looking for a stable business that can be run under management, Ideally the Motel will be in the Perth metro area or the South West, or Great Souther regions.

As your business is an extremely valuable asset, you need a broker that understands this. You need someone with the qualifications and experience to ensure you get the correct value. You need someone to guide you through the maze of business sales to a successful settlement.

We offer a confidential consultation, if you would like to discuss the possibility of selling your business. We want to understand your business, position it correctly to maximize your value and then develop a strategy to help you achieve your goals with advisory services during the entire process. Most of the businesses that we represent have annual revenues between $500,000 and $15Million and a verifiable owner's annual net income (including profit, owner's salary, and benefits) of between $150,000 and $2Million.

Do you wish to sell your Motel??